Lawn Mower Maintenance

Checklist For Your Annual Lawn Mower Maintenance 

Tips for Lawn Mower Maintenance

  1. Get to know the owner's manual. Understand how to take care of your mower by understanding the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Give your lawn mower a good scrub. To aid in performance, clear out all the grass and any other debris that has built up in and around your mower.
  3. Drain the fuel. Either run the mower’s engine until the leftover fuel is all used up or drain it out. Begin with new fuel in the next season. Old fuel can prohibit your lawnmower from starting.
  4. Clean or replace old airfilters. A clean air filter helps your mower run better.
  5. Replace ot top-up the oil. Consult the manual to find out what oil is best for your mower and how to properly replace the oil.
  6. Sharpen and balance the blades.This a step that is better left to the professionals.
  7. Fog the engine. Consult the manual to find out if your mower need engine fogging.