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Garden Fertilizer

What Is Fertilizer?

As well as having soil that’s rich in organic matter (compost!), plants often need an application of fertilizer to get the nutrients that need. Think of fertilizers as nutritional supplements. 

When to Fertilize Your Garden

For edible crops, fertilizer is usually applied in the spring and mixed into the garden soil before planting. If you’ve already sown your seeds or planted seedlings, you can still gently work in granular fertilizer around the plants. 

For perennial flowering plants, fertilize before growth begins in the spring. Wait until the ground is no longer frozen and the date of your last frost is only a week or so away. This ensures that there is less of a chance of the tender new growth brought about by the fertilizer getting immediately killed by frost.

While a spring application is a good general rule, understand that what plants really need is help when they are growing the most. 

  • This occurs earlier for spring plantings of lettuce, arugula, kale, and other leafy greens.
  • Rapid growth occurs in midsummer for corn and squash. So, for a long-season crop such as corn, many gardeners apply a small amount of fertilizer as a starter at the time of seeding, and then also add a larger amount in early summer, just before the period of rapid foliar growth. 
  • Tomatoes and potatoes will need extra fertilizer mid-season as the plants take up and use existing nutrients. When tomatoes start producing flowers, switch to a low-nitrogen fertilizer in order to encourage more flowers and fruit rather than foliage.
  • For perennial plants, the timing depends on the plant’s growth cycle. Blueberries, for example, benefit when fertilizer is applied early in the season at bud break, while June-bearing strawberries benefit most when fertilized after the harvest. 
  • Ornamental trees, shrubs, and perennials are often fertilized at the beginning of their growing season, as dormancy breaks. 

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